Just how good is Ultimate ticket Rob Gronkowski?

gronkut thimbnailMy initial thought when I heard this card was coming out was Oh man that’s going to be the most expensive card in the game because the MLB is such a huge part when playing defense at least for me . Then I though to myself I need to get that card some how. So when the milestone set drop I had over 200 + milestone items for the ultimate ticket set. So when i pulled Gronk I was so ecstatic I nearly knock over my orange juice. Gronk moves so smooth, he makes such a huge presence  over the middle its hard for quarterbacks to throw over him. The pick 6 chemistry makes him deadly for defensive touchdowns which for me is huge. He can also make some hard tackles over the middle, he can definitely jar the ball loose if you need him to. He seems to have more range than BlockBuster Ryan Shazier. I personally think he is the best user MLB in the game his height and his ability to jump up is amazing when you need to make those tough interceptions. He is definitely a game changer and should help you get more Dubbs in that win column.   (*The stats you see in the picture is him chemmed out)


-Can dominate over the middle with his physical presence alone. (*Biggest MLB in the game)

-Still has the ability to make huge hits to knock the ball loose.

-The pick six Chemistry always gives you a chance at scoring on defense. ( *Scoring on defense induces more rage quits)


-None (*This is a must have card)

* indicates friendly tip

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