Tune Up Tuesday (How to beat Cover 2)



My Top 5 plays I use to stop Cover 2

Dont you hate it when you play somebody online and they run the same one play over and over? Well I have 5 plays that will wreck havoc on somebody who does cover 2 over and over. Take a look at my top 5 plays I use to attack cover 2

  1. Gun Y-Trips HB WK (Comebacks)
  2. Pistol Y-TRips (PA All Go)
  3. Gun Empty Base Flex (Y Shallow Cross)
  4. Gun Trey Y-Flex (Verticals)
  5. Gun Trips TE (TE In)

Tune up Tuesdays is a series about the game of Football and how it should be played. I will show you my personnel tips on how I win at madden. So every Tuesday I will bring you tips and strategies on how to win and play like the pros you see on sundays so stay tune for next week when we cover how to attack cover 3.

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