Tune Up Tuesday (How to F*#k up cover 3)

Cover 3

This coverage can be tricky to play against sometimes because theirs alot of check downs and throwing into open spaces. You cant really go deep with this defense and be careful with certain out routes they can get jumped pretty easily. The flats are definitely your friends in this defense also drags can be great too. As in the video, out post with the TE are also effective in this coverage. When running the ball in this coverage dont use power use hb dive or working the inside of the O-line, that seems to be the most effective way. I had also notice that throwing the comeback routes seem to be open often. Overall be careful with deep out side routes, four verts is not very effective in this coverage with the deep routes being covered well on the outside, underneath routes are your friends in this coverage. Understand those concepts and F*#k up cover 3.


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