How to Tear apart man Coverage


This coverage is a lot of slant routes, quick out routes, hitch routes when the corner is playing off  and taking advantages on mismatches. Right before you snap the ball using a wide receiver and moving him into motion can help you determine if the defense is in man coverage or zone coverage. If you see a defender follow the wide receiver when you motion him you know your in man coverage, so remember to always your guys in motion if your not sure if its zone or man coverage.

Be careful with flat routes they can jump those routes very easily in man coverage so stay away from flats. I do enjoy using mismatches for example while in man coverage if you see a single high safety the wheel route to the running back is your friend, Most of the time the running back will burn the line backer on those mismatches but you have to have good pocket awareness so the play has time to develop or you will get pancaked.

Overall this defense Coverage is pretty easy to attack with quick routes to your receivers  and using mismatches with your running back the man coverage can be easy to tear apart if you know what your doing.

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