How to win solos in Madden 18

I had seen on the ultimate team sub reddit, some people were struggling with the solos. I was a little surprise but you know what I thought about it some more and it kind of makes sense, I mean I cant tell you how many games I have played somebody and they kept running the same 2 plays over and over. So to the madden players with limited knowledge of football, I recommend reading the linebackers first. So for example if you see a linebacker blitz up the middle you know you got the middle open. The best routes I notice against the computer are slants, ins, post routes, and deep post routes. When you want to audible to these routes you need to make “pre- reads”.

Pre- reads

A “pre read” is when after you pick an offensive play, you scan the defense to see what coverage are they in. An example of what defense they are in is when you motion a wide receiver to the other side of the field and the defender follows, you know its man coverage. Call your route audibles based on what you see, if its man coverage you know you need to call routes that are quick and short and get the ball out quickly. Do not forget about the safety’s, they are the second group you look at after the linebackers. Theirs really not one cheese play you can use to just beat all the solos, the better you are at reading the linebacker and safetys the easier the solos become.

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